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For those familiar with ning this site works just as other ning sites...

For those coming over from myspace or facebook I think you will like the features and the way this site mechanically works. Pictures, videos, etc. can be added as comments on blogs, videos, discussions, member pages by using the embed code or uploading using the picture button in the comment box..


The mechanics of this site are pretty good, once you learn where everything is.. There is a lot more privacy on this site as it is not run by the CIA haha and only the main page shows for non members.



Go to your page..You may change your profile picture there just click on photo and follow upload instructions



 Go to that persons page and send a friend request located under their profile picture. You can find members by go to "Members" in the Menu above and typing their name in the search box. Either first, name, last name, or both.. if one doesn't work try the other...sometimes there are different spellings for names so this is why I say try and try again..Should work if they are a member here..


To add photos go to the menu at top of pages and click on photos. Then hit  ADD ..Then choose FILE from your computer. Then hit Add Photos to save. You may add names to photos and descriptions, or make albums for your pictures. You may use the Simple uploader for a few videos. For adding lots of photos click on Flash uploader for faster results. Give them time to upload, hit save. The pictures you add will be added to your page as a slideshow. 



There is a chat on right side of pages to chat with other members that are online. To make your name show up you will have to sign up with chatango (which is free) since it is separate from this site. If you aren't signed up you will show up as anonymous.




To add pictures  use the image box in the comment box on a friends page. To add a you tube video use the HTML setting in the comment box.

I have added a page of links to comment sites  which are fun to add to peoples pages. I added a sub tab for these instructions and for the comment sites under the Member Help  in the menu so they are easy to find in the future. Just click on the tab..

Just copy  the HTML code of the comment you want to add, then paste it into their comment box using the HTML code. Here is an example for now, click on the link  Comments  Or you can save image to your computer in downloads for the animated ones to keep them moving.




Click on "Add" in Blogs or Videos. You can copy and paste in the visual mode or add text and embed codes in html mode. You may have to play around with it to see how it works.  To add pictures  click on the little image box in visual mode. The share button can be used to send an email out to friends on this site or use the facebook button to post it automatically to face book,  same goes for myspace, twitter, etc
Blogs, and other content can be made visible to public, just friends, or just you.


 Go to your page then my page then click on appearance .. there you can choose a theme ...Go to All Options to have more choices with colors. Use a text box to add photos, text, video. For the photo show on your page just add pictures to photos..Your photos will automatically do a slide show on your page. The text box can be dragged around on your page to where you want it. Other features may also be dragged around on your page to where you like them.




  To add music on your page go to main page and on the upper left of Main page click on Add Music (the yellow link) It will take you to Cincopa (which has a free trial) and sign up there, follow instuctions there to create a playlist. Then copy and paste the embed code of the playlist into a text box on your page. The playlists can be set to auto start to automatically come on when your page is opened or manually when it is clicked on by the controls on the playlist itself.


Your privacy settings, email notifications and more are listed when you click my page under your profile picture from your page.




Go to the menu at the top of page, hit Invite, then click on "Enter Email Addresses Manually" Add emails addresses of people you would like to invite, separate them with commas. Once they sign up they will have to wait for approval and that is because there are spammers out there, that fill sites up with adds, that nobody wants...This site  safe for our kids to have their own pages. So welcome your children to join and add pictures and videos they like too. You may also just send them the link http://ourpreciousmemories.ning.com/ and ask them to join...

This site has search bars on blogs, videos, discussions..just go to the search bar and type in the subject of video,blog, or forum. Then click the magnifying glass next to search bar. Example type recipe into search. Click on magnifiying glass ..all blogs with recipes in them will come up.


To hyperlink a link to a comment box hit the hyperlink button when the little box comes up copy and paste it into the little box ..hit okay ..the top white line in that box is to make a word a link. Add the word you want for the link and the link in the lower white box...when it comes up.


There is a share button at the bottom of blogs, discussions, videos, and photos, for sharing to all friends, or choose which ones, also to facebook etc with 1 or 2 clicks..



YouTube videos may be added by using the embed code. Then copy and paste it into video section, or blogs, forum, or comment boxes. Hit Html in comment box before pasting. To use your own videos, upload them to Youtube first then use the embed code after it processes. Ning has an uploader but it costs extra and to do that we need more activity on this site than what we have at the present time. to get their little extras such as the video uploader and the ability to post from your phone like they do on face book..Maybe we can do that by asking for very small donations eventually but not at this time.



If any of you have something you want added to this let me know by commenting below. Any Questions or if you are having problems with anything, please feel free to send Margaret or Admin & Help a message or leave a comment below..
Thanks bunches everyone..

Margaret, site creator

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Music can be added to your page by clicking  HERE   then signup at link, then create a playlist there then get embed code and use html to  embed it into a text box on your page.


Games maybe added to your page by adding a Game Widget to the text box on your page...


Check tickets for powerball, lotto, etc.

 Add Text to Photos

 Fun with Photos


 Make Animated Videos

Download Music and ringtones



Hometown Newspaper links (If you would like  to add to this list message site creator above with name of city and paper or Radio Station)

Albia News

Centerville Daily Iowegian

Chariton Leader

Des Moines Register

Jefferson Co. Leader

Knoxville Journal Express


Oskaloosa Herald

Ottumwa Courier

Santa Paula Times

Ventura County Star

What Cheer Vine





Archive of old Albia, Monroe County Newspapers

Search for genealogical records




KIIC 96.7 FM Thunder Country

 Old Time Radio

Albia Football


U Stream Link

 Hy-Vee’s Aisles Online 

Maggies Boxers

Monroe County Saddle Club

 Coal Mine Map

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